The Plastics are back in Cape Town with a stripped down set this weekend

Look who is back in Cape Town this weekend...

They’ve been to Stellenbosch, they’ve made their presence known in Noordehoek and various places across the country EXCEPT the inner city in 2018. We’re glad to announce that The Plastics will be performing in Cafe Roux on Short Market Street this Friday after a lengthy hobbit (yes I took it there).
If you’re still unaware of who they are, in short, they are a psychedelic pop group based in Cape Town. But beyond that, they are a band that represents the true meaning of originality by virtue of their unique style in a midst of many local bands that are associated with *that South African Indie sound*. What we can expect from fathers of ‘Stereo Kids’ is a stripped down but not acoustic set, plus the unveiling of two new tracks.
A group based in Melkbos by the name of Arc The Forest will… It’s almost as if the sound of Local Natives and Vancouver Sleep Clinic had a child and out came Arc – born in the depths of the forest of course.
There is no better way to start your Friday night with some live music and some ‘jolling’ till the early hours. A link to information about the tickets can be found below.

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