The Plastics – A quick chat & brand new song called Rat

We had some time to have a quick chat to The Plastics, when they sent over their latest release for us to share with you, called- Rat (featured below). The dudes are mad talented and are quite a lag- I’m sure we’re going to be hearing them all Summer long- Rat in our ears man. Rat in our ears.

MCBN: Do you have a favourite song off of the new album? If so, why that one?

Karl Rohloff: I’m immensely proud of all of the songs. We wrote so many in getting to the point of picking the best 10. But if I had to choose, at the moment I’m really digging Underwater Kite a lot. There’s so much crazy, trippy production on there and every time I listen to the recording I hear a sneaky new element. It’s also a lot of fun to play live as I’m playing guitar and keys so it’s a nice challenge to juggle the two.

Pascal Righini: I think everyone in the band has there own favorite, for their own reasons.

Some we all like are: “Mud and Money” , “Rat” and “Hallway of Mirrors”.

MCBN: What is the craziest thing you’ve ever seen a fan do at one of your gigs?

KR: We’ve got some really passionate fans! The one thing that stood out was these two girls that made matching T-shirts that were really cool in the “Kiss The Plastics” kind of theme. At our previous album launch for Shark at The Assembly, a friend of ours started a melee of stage diving which ended up with another friend losing his shoe, being passed it back and putting his beer in the shoe while the crowd was holding him up.

PR: One of our fans in Durban took off their bra and threw it at the band on stage. It landed perfectly on my guitar neck; we didn’t even miss a note! Haha, that was pretty cool.

MCBN: If you could collaborate with any band/artist dead or alive, who would it be and why?

KR: I’d really like to work with a few producers who’ve made albums that I love. Dangermouse would be great dream purely because of his versatility. He’s worked with so many different style artists and always seems to bring out the best in them. George Martin would be a dream to work with as he’s a master of arrangement of strings, horns, etc. A lot of the crazier Beatles songs were their idea but George Martin was the one who was able to turn these ideas into the sounds on the songs. He also provided them with the classical music edge that took them from the realm of being another British Beat Band (albeit with the best compositions of all time) into something else entirely.

PR: The Beatles, because they are The Beatles. Enough said.

MCBN: Any other big projects or gigs that we should keep an eye out for over Summer in SA?

KR: We’ve devoted all our energy lately into finishing the album as well as all the launch shows. But we’re going to be doing our best to tour the country way more often than we have in the past. We’re hoping that this album will be able to keep the momentum we’ve had in the past year going and might end up in Europe for a tour within the next year.

PR: We should be playing a really cool New Years show up the country but it’s not 100% confirmed yet, so keep an eye out on our Facebook wall for more info. There may even be an international band playing at it…

MCBN: If you had to save either Steve Hofmeyer or Barney the Dinosaur from impending death, who would you save and why?

KR: Barney’s not even a real being so it’d have to be him that goes. Plus Barney’s stardom has died (do the new generation even know Barney anymore??). So let’s save Steve!

PR: Steve , because he is a real person. Sorry Kids.

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