The pitter-patter of…

I woke up this morning to a bit of a pitter-patter… Thank goodness it wasn’t from little feet *air punch* Unfortunately though it was from something that I desire less than the offer of the job of being Julius Malema’s PR agent- The arrival of what seems to be a rather nasty Cape Town winter.

There were a crazy amounts of accidents on almost all of our major highways this morning including a 6 car pile up on the N2 inbound to town- good job on disproving the theory that Cape Tonians are absolutely useless at driving and even more useless at the same task as soon as a drip of precipitation falls from the heavens.


Things we did this weekend-

Have Scandinavian flu and be sick

Recover from Eastern European flu miraculously and attend a Alice in Wonderland Theme Party

Feel ill again

Go to Peddlars on the Bend and rack up a ridiculous bill (full food reviews & pics up soon)

Got collective at Be.Collective

Went to the bush rave at the Village.

Felt ill again

So please do look at our posts for today with that touch of emotion and understanding that we know you all have…

MyCityByNight… epically serious.

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