The Pink Handyman

Ok, now I’ve been given my fair share of flack from the rest of the boys at MyCityByNight about doing this post but considering that 50% of the readers here are female and at least 10% of you are gay, I thought what the hell 🙂

The Pink Handyman is basically a Mr Fix-It, that is gay friendly and easy on the eyes (yes I did just write that). Good old Dean is available to sort out any niggling maintenance/electrical problems that you just haven’t been able to get around to do doing. I thought that this would be an intriguing post because I know how filthy all of you are- I can already see Dean getting calls from queens and mooiness to come fix stuff that doesnt even really need fixing… Like your plumbing… hahahahaha

His website had this to say about his services:

“Don’t get the wrong idea – no matter how queer this guy sounds he’s worth his weight in wrenches. Sure, he’s gay friendly, but he’s also good to girls, a man’s man, tech savvy and an all round go-to-guy. he’s the straight eye for the queer guy and for every person in between. He’s Dean Stockenstrom, and he’s the handyman to call whenever you need expert assistance.
Yes… “expert services”. Maybe it’s just me, but my mind keeps racing to all those pornos I’ve watc… ok wait nevermind.

So yah, if you need something “fixed”, give him a shout 🙂


  • Install/Replace dimmer switch modules
  • Clean/Replace extractor fans
  • Install Energy saving Geyser Wise Control Unit
  • Replace down light transformers
  • Replace wall sockets and switches
  • Replace light fittings & light bulbs
  • Move Light fittings
  • Fit new Power Points
  • Replace light switches
  • Full House Installations
  • Install TV/DSTV Cables/Install Surround Sound
  • Installation of Generators
  • Minor electrical Gate repairs
  • Tidy Electrical Cables
  • Pool pump installations
  • Install heated Towel Rails
  • Install air conditioners
  • Fault tracing and rectification of electrical circuits
  • Circuit design and wiring of three phase motor controls
  • Testing and wiring of pre-manufactured motor starters
  • Installing and wiring of electrical wire ways.
  • Inspecting and testing of electric motors.
  • Designing and building of electrical control panels according to customer specifications
  • Circuit design and wiring of single phase and three phase motor control systems
  • Designing electrical panels and wiring of hydraulic power Packs


  • Fixing minor leaks
  • Replace washers
  • Basin installations
  • Changing shower heads or taps
  • Repair and replace flush mechanisms
  • Fit new toilet seats
  • Replace taps
  • Repair leaking taps
  • Replace faulty ball valves
  • Replace cracked tiles
  • Replace or renew grout
  • Reseal baths, showers and sinks
  • Repair faulty toilet flushes
  • Replace faulty toilet cisterns
  • Connect washing machines
  • Connect dishwashers


  • General In-house repairs
  • Changing of door locks and handles
  • Putting up shelves
  • Fit LCD / Plasma TV bracket
  • Fit Shower and Bath Screens
  • Fit stair gates
  • Assemble flat pack furniture
  • Servicing Windows
  • Fit Bathroom Accessories
  • Door hanging and refurbishment
  • Repair/cleaning gutters
  • Fit shelves
  • Hang pictures
  • Hang paintings
  • Hang mirrors
  • Hang curtains
  • Fit curtain poles


  • Wooden patio furniture restoration
  • Decking restoration
  • replace counter tops
  • Coating Woodwork
  • Small-scale tiling
  • Painting a room or wall
  • Paint a Ceiling
  • Repair cracks & holes in wood
  • Repair cracks & holes in plaster
  • Repair minor damage to ceilings/walls
  • Paint doors and Frames



  • Easing Swollen Doors
  • Replace New Window Sashes
  • Fit new Gates
  • Fit Skirting Boards
  • Fix Cupboard Door Hinges
  • Hang New Doors  

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  1. Dam clever business and marketing, take my hat off to Dean as the creator of this brain child. best of luck in this endevour…

    1. Apparently it was suggested to him by a bunch of his gay friends… He must be booked up all week!

  2. This is my only question: If he comes around for a bit of plumbing, will he be arriving half-naked at my doorstep? Please answer this question in the affirmative *wink wink*

  3. Need a guy to help me. ..!!! sort out the nitty gritty problems from pluming to electrical and doors and hinges. Tools required

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