The Nomadic Orchestra – Move Your Things album launch

the nomadic orchestra
The Nomadic Orchestra will be launching their new album, “Move Your Things”  at Manilla Bar (Long Street, Cape Town) on 10 May 2013. For the uninitiated, The Nomadic Orchestra are all highly trained Jazz musicians, who play crazy upbeat balkanology/gypsy music. The band is made up of drums, guitar, tuba, saxophone and trumpet.
The Nomadic Orchestra is strongly influenced by traditional music from the countries of South-Eastern Europe: Macedonia, Romania and Serbia. They are also influenced by Klezmer, gypsy and circus music as well as contemporary western party music.
Supporting the guys at their launch will be two other acts who we’ve tipped to get even bigger and better this year, namely, Beach Party and Christian Tiger School.


The Nomadic Orchestra is a five-piece instrumental dance band based in
Cape Town. The primary goal of the Nomadic Orchestra is to get people
moving. The band makes an infectious kind of high-energy dance music
– even the most prudish find themselves unconsciously tapping their feet.
Their musical training brings a strong
jazz aesthetic to the band, and thus an emphasis on improvisation. The music
that the Nomads play is original and composed by members of the band.

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