The Nokia App Wizard Competition is LAAAME

The Nokia App Wizard Competition is LAAAME

 The Nokia App Wizard Competition is LAAAME


Normally we’re the first ones to high 5 any advertising campaign should it impress us in terms of the methods of promotion of the particular brand in question. This was the case for the Nokia Ovi Store App Wizard Competition, which we featured in a post over here. The gist of the post was that the efforts of local bloggers would be recognised through using them as the new authors for apps to be released in the Nokia Ovi Store for global download- thereby exposing us to the mobile world of Nokia and zillions of new fans with specially converted MCBN goodness coming straight to their phone. You can imagine that we were rather excited, especially when you think about the fact that the prize for the most downloaded app was a trip to SXSW (one of the biggest annual music, film, and interactive conferences/festivals in the World held in Austin Texas), as well as a six month Nokia advertising contract to the value of R25 000.

Now here’s the bit that really blows. After the boys at MyCityByNight decided to use Nokia’s Ovi App Wizard to create the mobile equivalent of this little bit of prime internet real-estate, we of course had to wait for approval from the Ovi Store. Now I just want to draw your attention to a little statement taken completely out of context to make the end of this story that bit more dramatic.

“Millions of South Africans experience the web through their mobile or smart phones, and through the development of these apps South African bloggers can open up their content to a much wider audience on mobile instead of just via their computer,” says Nokia’s developer marketing manager Derrick Kotze.

“With this competition we are aiming to show people how simple creating an app is, and also assist in showcasing local blogs on an international stage like the Ovi Store.”

When we eventually heard back from powers that be at Nokia, we were met with this unfortunate bit of news… Here is the mail:

Dear Publisher

Thank you for submitting My City By Night. Unfortunately your submission did not pass the Ovi Store quality assurance (QA) review process.

Comments from the QA team:
FAILED: Compliance with Content Guidelines – Nudity.
SUMMARY: Content items which contain nudity (genitals, female breasts or nipples, bare buttocks, pubic hair or see-through images revealing any of them) are not permitted in the Ovi Store.

FAILED: Potentially Sensitive Content in Sensitive Countries – Modeling Content.
SUMMARY: The content item contains modeling images of hunks or females wearing skimpy clothing (bikinis, swimming suits, tight dresses, t-shirts, shorts, etc.) and can’t be published in sensitive countries.

We do understand that MCBN isnt exactly The Pope’s bedroom when it comes to the wholesomeness of the posts that we do, but surely the second point is bordering on a little unfair. I mean seriously… if Nokia doesnt consider modeling images of hunks or females wearing skimpy clothing ( (bikinis, swimming suits, tight dresses, t-shirts, shorts, etc) to be a global right on the internet then we don’t want to enter your silly competition. LAAAAAME!

Long Live #Mooiness… Long Live MyCityByNight

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  1. What fucking idiots, why didn’t they stipulate those rules beforehand? Hot chicks get a shit load of views and as for nudity, just look at how many followers @xxxBibiJones got from just a few cream pie uploads :p #nokia #brandfail

    1. I think brands in South Africa have yet to take that edgey, more adulty approach to advertising and seeing the value in it. I am sure Nokia were just trying to cover their own asses so we didnt start punting naked mooiness across their app competition… Jokes 😉

      Agreed though on the #Brandfail

  2. Listen Im the biggest MCBN supporter out there. I really am. But in honesty how was nudity ever going to get past? While it might seem unfair, the second point also holds a slight amount of weight especially in arab countries, although they should have stipulated that, and maybe even do a different app for particularly sensitive nations as bloggers are not known for their discretion.

    Its all a bit of conjecture at this point. Do you have screen grabs of what it did actually look like? Can the readers be the judge?

    Dont wanna sound critical but for a gloabl brand to take on something o a seriously risque nature was always unlikely to fly… but yeah i havent seen it so i dont know. Just a pity the earth doesnt appreciate #Mooiness the way we do!

    1. We will see what we can find… Surely we could geo-segregate the app so it would only available in specific countries, etc. I do agree with you though, we were a little naughty by thinking they would accept that. Our one main issue was the time they took in getting back to us.

      I will get Ricky to do some digging and see if he can find some screenshots etc

  3. Hahaha… I think this is classic. So you have peeps in costumes and this is now nudity???? Comon Nokia… Seriously. I hope MyCityByNight gave them the finger!!!

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