The Noble Savages – An Afrikaburn Fundraiser!


A Fundraiser party for The Noble Savages! One awesome line-up! This is the last day that every bar/club can open till 4am as the city of CT is bringing it down to 2am, So come jam till 4am for one last time with us.

Howdy doo and a cackle hootie hoo, arch those bows and spread them wings, its time to take off with the american eagles: watch them cowboys ride, and indians hide (or just fall off their bikes) …. soar through the dreams of the original reds, and gallop through the desert with the kings in chaps and hats. Join us as the mightiest of vendettas: cowboys VS Indians come together under Tipi’s and Dreamcatchers to hunt (each other. or you. or themselves, depending on the time of night) and laugh and drink, and burn a totem pole in a salutation to the burning karoo days and twinkling nights. Adios Amigos. Muskets at dawn.

If you going to AB, pop in a say Howdy or Ola..

– The Noble Savages

DJ’s – We have a massive 9 DJ line-up!

-> Drive by Disco
-> Billy Rivers
-> Zuluboy
-> MatKingCole
-> Tommy Gun
-> CTRL Room
-> El Gordo
-> T-Minus
-> Neil Tall

Doors open at 21:00!!

R40 BEFORE 23:00
R50 AFTER 23:00


R.O.A.R | No Under 21s | No Illicit Substances or Stupid behaviour |
It’s about the music!


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