The Night Show returns this time to District after a significant increase in hype

All words: Lulibo Makoboka

If we were having a conversation about the best Hip Hop events in the city and you neglected to mention The Night Show, it would go to show that your knowledge on the local scene is as dark as the night. With the location migration from Waiting Room to District, we’ve witnessed a significant increase in attendance from people not just from the city but the Western Cape region in general.‘Litness’, is the word many uses to describe the reasons for their departure from their comfort zones into this ‘litmosphere’. Through the sight of the naked eyes, that’s all it may be, although beyond that The Night Show is an event that represents something bigger than just a fun night out.


Night Show: June IS COMING.

Posted by Night Show on Thursday, 8 June 2017

In many ways, it is a much-needed antidote for a previously dying and almost non-exist subtype of Hip-Hop culture in Cape Town which has come to be by virtue of the internet age. The primary source of this ‘cure’ comes from the specific selection in music by organizers Joni and Patrick along with the associated DJ’s. Most venues in the city that decided to play Hip Hop are usually selecting music that is popular. An experience at the Night Show means hearing Hip Hop that is actually liked by the people, not just popular industry favourites. It would be common to hear tracks from XXXTentacioun, Playboi Carti, ASAP Mob and many more. Above that, the event exposes its Trap-thirsty crowd to Hip Hop and R’n’B tunes that are relatively unknown thus creating a sense of diversity and firmly establishing the club as a place to find wonderful new music instead of hearing hit after hit. Through competitions local rap artists are also given an opportunity to take center stage and perform their pieces live. Their Waiting Room days saw the beginning of a mosh pit trend which literally shook the entire room, creating quite a unity amongst those that take pleasure from the treasures of this culture. In short Night Show contributes, and most importantly, conveys a culture that many don’t understand.

You don’t’ even have to be the biggest of Hip Hop fans to experience elation at the event. There is a reason why it has been amongst the best parties in the nightlife scene for this past couple of months. Spaciousness is such an important factor and their decision to host at District may have hindered that raw and gritty aesthetic Waiting Room had, but these days it is a lot easier to enjoy thyself considering mobility has become a breeze. The absolute highlight of what makes Night Show what it is, are the kind of people that attend the event. Parliament could seriously take some pointers from the show on what a rainbow nation looks like. It is almost like a temple of acceptance. There is a homely feel to it not just because there is a constant circulation of familiar faces, but people are genuinely nice and want to make you feel welcome at such an event. Even with the large crowd and Trap ‘boomin’ from the speakers; fights, arguments and huge altercations are almost mythical at The Night Show – just like the keys (Travis Scott reference).  

We’ll be seeing the biggest Night Show on the 9th of December since it is their last of the year. Live performances, culture and splendid Hip Hop music… Definitely a great way to start off the holidays considering The Night Show certainly is one of the pearls in this season’s string of parties.

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