The NIGHT FEAST returns to brighten up the Cape Town winter

Photos by Closure
All words by Lu Makoboka

It has been an accepted status quo that the winter season traps the majority of people indoors, thus killing the spirit of nightlife in the city. But this past weekend’s Feastival would truly make anybody wonder, “Does winter really kill nightlife?”

That question was addressed as soon we ventured through the gates of The Woodstock exchange; the front section was small and intimate like how I’d always imagine Feastival since it was my first time. After I saw beyond the horizon of my perceived Feastival, you’d swear I’m being chased by a dog the way I was running around in the venue. The place was absolutely massive with a spacious dance floor, a wide variety of bars (even for local craft beer), food stalls and most importantly smiles plastered on every face that I passed. When I looked at the DJ booth and witnessed one of my favorite DJ’s in the city ‘K-$’ playing some smooth soul tunes, that’s when it was somewhat of a sensory overload. I sat down to ‘calm my tits’ as they say these days.

The first feast of the winter is part of a 3 part series, so for the last Saturday of the next 2 months we’ll be expecting Faestivals. From what I know previous events were held at The Palms Life Style Center and now it’s The Woodstock Exchange. The capaciousness and the several areas allocated for different spatial uses created quite a special environment as it felt like there was a lot to do rather than having a horde of alcohol-thirsty humans packed into one large room. Partying in industrial-like settings also contributes to an unexplainable sense of intimacy in the atmosphere, and this was basically a party in a parking lot so I could imagine it was the low rise ceiling that created this sort of feeling as things feel closer. Furthermore, something that is always nice to see in Cape Town is a demographically inclusive festival. I think because of Feastival showcasing different cultural aspects – like various food stores and clothing stalls- this encourages this sort of inclusiveness.

What initially caught my attention about the event in the first place was the live music. Between you and me, it was ‘The World Birds’ in particular who. This is the new act formed by former Al Baire front man Nic Preen. Even though I missed their performance, just being there introduced me an incredible act called Morning Moves. Among the others that I missed were Floyu and Jay Me, who is also affiliated with Stone Age Citiznes.

As I mentioned earlier, you can catch the next winter Feastival on the 28th of July and ticket pricing depends on the different phases.                             

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