The next benchmark in Cape Town’s clubbing scene is on the horizon…

A new experience is arriving Cape Town... Are you ready?

Cape Town has a rich clubbing history dating back to the late 80’s, early 90’s. We’ve sure have seen our fair share of really beautiful spaces but nightlife venues have come and gone and very few have stood the test of time. When you mention names like Jet Lounge, Ivory Room, Storyville (JHB), Rhodes House, Deluxe, Jade Bar, Ace & Spades, these are all brands that have created a space, more so a home for clubbers, these spaces were inclusive and had a special, signature atmosphere that only those that frequented would understand. The creator and co-owner of these iconic clubbing venues have since joined forces with one of the biggest festivals brands in the world, a brand that was named the best experience in Ibiza, to bring to the Mother City a groovy space curated from a magical yesteryear…

Introducing Wonderland – A fresh party-starting duo are adamant about bringing back full dance floors, timeless beats, in a space where the music did the talking. The vision is clear and the team are on a mission change the way clubs operate putting the focus back on enchanting the audience allowing for attendees to fully immerse themselves in music & the venue’s aesthetics. The space will be a multiple level club, with no VIP area, it’s aimed at creating an environment where everyone is equally accepted with zero hierarchy between the guest list and your everyday partygoers. Situated in the heart of Cape Town’s East City Precinct. The venue will be able to safely accommodate 600 punters and will open its doors for a month-long launch in February.

Keep following our page over the next few weeks as we explore the club a little deeper from aesthetics to the genre and more. We’ll keep you updated on the launch date, how to get involved and the low down on what you can expect from this upcoming, world-class space.

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