The new trailer for Chappie the movie, shot in Jozi is out


Neil Blomkamp has continued to fly the South African flag high in Hollywood after District 9 and Elysium with his next epic,Chappie, starring Sharlto Copley, Dev Patel, Sigourney Weaver and Hugh Jackman. The movie is about a thinking and feeling robot that evolves into a sentient being, which scares the crap out of a bunch of people around the World because of what this may mean for the human race. These same people then embark on a mission in order to destroy Chappie, determined to make him the last of his kind in a bid to stop a terminator-esque situation from ever happening.

The first bit of footage from the Chappie movie was pretty heart-warming and in this trailer we get to see the slightly darker side of the story, imagined right here in our very own City of Gold, Jozi. Overall the movie looks like it’s going to be a journey through feelings of happiness, peppered with moments that are somewhat darker in their makeup. As a South African, it’s really inspiring to see one of our own making a success in the very global film industry of Hollywood. “Chappie” opens in theaters March 6 2015.

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