The New South Park Trailer Is As Great As You’d Hope It’d Be

The New South Park Trailer Is As Great As You'd Hope It'd Be

While The Simpsons has kind of fallen by the way side over the past couple of years, South Park remains as one of the most provocative and hilarious animated series out there, with everyone exhibiting the same amount of excitement before the release of every new season. Thankfully, it’s almost time for the 21st Season of the long standing classic and to get all of us frothing at the mouth, they’ve just released the trailer for the new game ahead of the release of the new episodes.

Season 21 is scheduled to premiere on Comedy Central on August 23rd and judging by the trailer below, we’re in for yet another classic:

Aaah yes, it seems like Trey Parker and Matt Stone have headed back to the classic rude jokes that made the series so popular with all of us when South Park first showed off it’s terrible animation to the World all those years ago.

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