The New Black Mirror Is Officially Out And People Are Losing Their Minds


Netflix has been dropping cryptic hints over the past few months about a possible new and interactive Black Mirror episode or movie. Last week it was discovered that a new addition had been added in the season 4 section of Black Mirror on the streaming platform. Fans have since been patiently waiting for it’s rumoured to release this weekend and judging by the internet’s reaction over the past 24 hours, the wait has been well worth it.

The latest Black Mirror instalment is a full-length feature called Bandersnatch, and apparently has a possible run time of 5 hours! The interactive episode (in which the viewer must make choices to continue the story)  is being called the weirdest most mind-bending segments ever. Charlie Brooker’s vision actually works and the interactive feature could be a television game-changer.

The episode is set in 1984 and follows a young video game programmer (you) as he (you) embarks on an extremely interactive journey to transform a fantasy fiction novel into a game. But right from the start, he (you) is faced with a dilemma: Sugar Puffs or Frosties? From there, the questions/options keep coming almost every 90 seconds, putting the viewer in blind control of the episode outcome. And the run time of the show? Well, that all depends on your choices. Watch the full-length trailer below and watch Bandersnatch on Netflix now.

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