The Movie Tub


Think hot tub time machine, but you not going anywhere in time, but still in a hot tub with mates/mooiness/mooiness and mates/your mates mooiness!

The Movie Tub is a brand new series of open air events in South Africa.

Up to eight people are watching a much-loved classic movie while sitting in an inflatable hot tub.

24th November 2015 – Coming soon
25th November 2015 – Coming soon
26th November 2015 – Coming soon
27th November 2015 – American Pie
28th November 2015 – Hangover
29th November 2015 – Coming soon
30th November 2015 – Coming soon
01st December 2015 – Coming soon
02nd December 2015 – “Vote for the movie you’d like to watch!”
03rd December 2015 – Mean Girls
04th December 2015 – Project X
05th December 2015 – Wolf of Wall Street
06th December 2015 – Catch me if you can

Single Ticket: R350
Private Tub for up to 6: R2100
Private Tub for up to 8: R2800

Get your tickets at

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