The Most Popular Girls in School

the most popular girls in school

While I was totally not looking for porn I came across something called The Most Popular Girls in School. What it is, is a new series created by Mark Cope and Carlo Moss that features stop motion animation of Barbie Dolls existing in some bizarre alternative universe where all the girls are sluts and rather bitchy.

It’s pretty funny stuff, if you’re into that South Park kind of humour that is. The first episode features Deandra, a new girl, enduring a ton of abuse from the “most popular girls in school” after which she announces to the room that she desperately needs to have a crap (as it turns out, a very very loud crap). So far there have been a couple of episodes, each more crazy than the last. I don’t know… It might take off, or people might think that a Ken-doll football coach wanking over some of his players is all a bit too much.

Time will tell.

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