The most picture-perfect holiday destinations according to TripAdvisor

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Big 7 Travel team recently announced the official list of the Top 50 Most Instagrammable Countries In The World 2019, and our beautiful South Africa came in 5th place. Combining hashtag popularity, survey results of Big 7 readers and votes cast by a panel of travel experts, the world’s most photogenic countries were revealed.

Now, TripAdvisor has compiled its own short list of the 10 mot Instagram worthy vacation destinations in the world. The platform looked at the cities where travellers booked the most photography tours in 2018. Many of these tours include customizable trips around the city and professional photo services at the most iconic landmarks.

Take a look to see below what corners of the earth are simply picture perfect!

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10 Santorini, Greece.

With its picturesque white-and-blue architecture and stunning beaches, this picturesque island is a hit with people looking to take some oceanside photos.

One of the most popular experiences is a walking photo tour provided by Athens Photo Tour, which includes a professional photographer to capture the perfect photo.

9 Venice, Italy.

The flowing canals and grand palaces that line the city make Venice a perfect place for those wanting some unique shots.

For those wanting to build their skills behind the lens, the Guided City Tour by Experience Paris will teach you some photography tips and tricks.

8 Tokyo, Japan.

Tokyo is lovely any time of the day, but its bustling nightlife makes it especially photogenic once the sun goes down.

The Tokyo Night Photography Tour by EYExplore is a popular tour for those who want to learn more about taking photos of a brightly lit city. The two-and-a-half-hour outing includes a tour of some of Tokyo’s most iconic sights, as well as some professional tips on how to capture the perfect shot.

7 Yellowknife, Northwest Territories, Canada

The Northern Lights Tour from Arctic Tours Canada will show you how to get the best views of the Northern Lights for the perfect Instagram-worthy shot.

6 Sydney, Australia

Sydney is home to beautiful landmarks and even more gorgeous sunsets.

That’s why the Sydney Sunset Photography Tour by Picture Me Sydney was such a popular choice in 2018. During the tour, a professional photographer guides you through a three-and-a-half-hour tour of the city and shows you how to get the best angles of the sunset.

5 Barcelona, Spain.

The most popular photo tour in Barcelona combines photography with a leisurely bike ride through the most popular sites in the city.

The Barcelona E-Bike Photography Tour takes bikers on a four-hour tour of landmarks like La Sagrada Familia and the picturesque beaches.

4 Oahu, Hawaii.

There is no shortage of opportunities for picturesque beach photo shoots in Hawaii, and many visitors opted for the Beautiful Hawaii Photo Tour from Oahu Photography Tours to show them the best spots.

The six-hour tour takes you to Instagram-worthy spots such as the Ko’olau Mountains and the sandy shores of Waimanalo Bay Beach Park.

3 Rovaniemi, Finland

The Northern Lights offer plenty of inspiration for beautiful photos. Rovaniemi has become one of the most popular destinations from which to see the aurora borealis.

The photography tour from Lapland Welcome claims to leave you with “framable wall art” at the end of the five-hour experience in the Arctic night.

2 New York City.

From the sprawling greens of Central Park to the bright lights of Times Square, getting the perfect shots in New York City can seem overwhelming.

PhotoTrek Tours offers a two-hour private walking tour that is completely customizable. You can either walk around Manhattan’s iconic spots or take a trip to Brooklyn for under-the-radar locations.

1 Paris, France.

From the breathtaking Eiffel Towel to the stunning Louvre Museum, it’s no wonder people want to snap the perfect photo in Paris.

The most popular photo tour of 2018 was the Private Paris Walking Tour from A Taste of Paris. A private photographer takes up to 150 photos during the two-hour excursion.

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