The most insane stage dive EVER – Rapper Watsky stage dives from 35ft up & breaks fan’s arm in the process

watsky stage dive

Is this the most epic stage dive of all time? In what has to be the most dangerous and irresponsible bit of use of the stage dive, a rapper by the name of Watsky scaled the lighting rig at the end of his set before jumping around 35ft into the crowd below, breaking a fan’s arm and sending another one straight to hospital with her after being KO’d. Not even Wrestlmania has seen anybody jump off lighting rigs that high before and I’m utterly amazed that nobody died.

After he’d had a chance to get treatment for a few bruises Watsky apologised on Facebook and has visited the fan in order to apologise in person for his “shameful” actions and has visited the female fan in hospital to personally say sorry.

He wrote:

“I have no excuse for my actions, and the only way I can explain my mindset is that it was a huge overreach in the heat of the moment. No, I was not drunk or on drugs.

“I used to be a kid who was afraid to do anything physically dangerous– I was scared of the ball in little league, didn’t want to jump into lakes and would never have had the nerve to crowdsurf.

“But in the last year of touring, I’ve done increasingly risky things, maybe pushing myself by some dumb sense I am conquering my early timidity.

“I pride myself on trying to put on a good show and always giving 100 per cent energy, but jumping off some high s*** doesn’t make someone a good musician or performer.”

“I feel f****** terrible. I made a boneheaded decision that got people hurt, and it’s extremely lucky it wasn’t worse.

“Putting your own body on the line is one thing, but putting other people in harm’s way is inexcusable.

“I let down my supporters, I let down the Warped Tour and I let down my band and the people who work their asses off behind the scenes to make these shows happen.

“My #1 priority right now is to somehow make this right for the folks who were hurt.”


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