The Miller Music Tour is under way

Miller has been doing quite a bit of work of late to promote their brand on a global platform and after a good couple of weeks of anticipation, three SA jetsetters, who earned themselves a seat onboard the Miller Genuine Draft Private Jet, took off last night for a five-day, three-US-city Miller Music Tour. Johannesburg-based Katleho Molai, Robin Bentele and Shannon Hepburn, were unfortunately accompanied by 5FM DJs and proponents of on air radio boredom Grant and Anele on their journey. Luckily in a bid to stop everyone on board the place setting fire to those 2, TV and radio personality Siyabonga Ngwekazi as well as 200 other MMT winners from around the globe got to tag along as well.

The MGD Private Jet is set to take off from JFK International today on course for the hottest clubs and concerts that New York, Miami and a mystery Destination X – a tightlipped secret until the start of the trip – have to offer. 
You’ve got to admit that its a pretty awesome prize- but its probably a good thing that one of us here at MCBN didnt win it because we dont like Grant and Anele very much and that would just make for a really awkward flight (jelly to the fasch will make you sticky). Anyways I’m sure that the lucky travellers, due back on 12 July 2011, will have a bunch of mystical stories to recount upon their return.
The MGD Private Jet, which this year celebrates its milestone tenth voyage, and has over the years flown winners from over forty-four countries worldwide, has touched down in all the hottest cosmopolitan cities in the USA, hosted mega super stars the likes of Snoop Dogg, Nelly, LL Cool J and P!nk, served up over 8,000 bottles of cold-filtered Miller Genuine Draft Beer and clocked up over 58,000 km in the process – all in the name of the Miller Music Tour.
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Photo credit: Grant Difford

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