The Mercedes-Benz CLA by Casey Neistat

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I have to say, seeing a different take on car commercials is something that has got me all excited about cars again (outside of the obvious design and technology awesome that’s happening). Like with Mercedes Benz SA doing a cool advert around the A45 AMG with downhill skater, Decio Lourenco.

So, in keeping with different ways of showcasing a car in an advert, Mercedes Benz in the US got well known filmmaker Casey Neistat to create some awesome around the new CLA. Casey, known for his awesome for Nike and even surprising his girlfriend right here in SA (vid at the bottom of this post), did not disappoint.

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In an awesome interview with Gizmodo, Casey explains these 4 videos: “We started with video 1, which was about describing the why, you know, why would I do the campaign and what does Mercedes-Benz mean to me personally? Video 2 is about us actually discovering the car. Video 3 is following us discovering and creating this commercial. Video 4 is the commercial.”

Here is the final advert, and remember you can book a test drive HERE.

Here is the rather awesome surprise in South Africa video too.

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