The Joeybra – yet another useless way for women to store things

As we all know, the bag of a mooiness is like the never-ending abyss of Lindsay Lohan’s vagina- once something goes in there, it takes forever to find it again. The JoeyBra (ingeniously named after a Kangaroo, I assume) has a discrete side pocket that allows any woman to safely store belongings like an ID, credit cards, keys or even iPhone. This makes the need for a bag unnecessary, which presumably makes it less difficult to lose your belongings.
Apparently losing your stuff as a woman is quite prevalent as the patent-pending design was created after a survey of 200 young women revealed that 95 per cent of them had trouble finding a place to put their belongings when going out, and 73 per cent of them had lost items due to insufficient pockets.
Personally I’m not too sure that this is at all effective unless you happen to be wearing an off the shoulder top or dress or alternatively dont mind rummaged around your top everytime your phone rings or you have to pay for a drink at the bar. 

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