The Japanese have made bread that resembles lady bits

japanese vagina bread

We’re fairly fascinated by the mysticism that surrounds Japan. Not a day goes by where we don’t find something bizarre about Japan and today that something comes in the form of a brand new food product.

This particular product was the result of a collaboration between the creators of virtual singer-superstar Hatsune Miku and Family Mart (a Japanese equivalent of Walmart). Apparently the really amazing Sakura cherry blossoms will be flowering across Japan soon and to capture this event in food, the characteristic pink colouring of the flowers has been incorporated into the treat. Something tells me that this was probably not the execution of the idea that they were hoping for.

The packing also has Hatsune Miku’s hit song title ‘Sakura no Ame’, which translates as ‘Cherry Blossom Rain’ splashed across it – again a bit unfortunate given that the jam filled bread kind of looks like a lady’s Cherry Blossom (vagina).

Great work Japan. Great work.

japanese vagina bread 2

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