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Cartel Rooftop Bar is the place to be, you just come and see! I had my birthday up there and it’s probably one of the hottest rooftop spots in the Cape Town CBD.

In 2013 one of Cape Town’s finest young entrepreneurs, Schuyler Vorster launched Inner City Ideas Cartel a luxury, bespoke shared office and coworking space in Cape Town. IC | IC is where an amazing cup of coffee is served in a beautiful Le Creuset cup or a wholesome breakfast is served right to your custom designed and handmade desk. You’ll be served by by one of the friendly and welcoming baristas via a Skype message order. Attention goes into every single detail from corner to corner of the inspiring space. IC | IC is made of floor to ceiling glass windows allowing Cape Town’s city scape to blend itself right in as part of the beautiful decor and finishes. Every team member of the rapidly growing company creates a welcome and friendly atmosphere by being driven by phenomenal service, ensuring that your work day at Ideas Cartel is a better one. Fast and stable internet comes standard.


Inner City Ideas Cartel has made it possible for many entrepreneurs, ideas pioneers and start up companies to interact and connect, with the main focus of IC | IC being to build a community environment for every individual that joins in on an Ideas Cartel membership. That’s the main ethos of the Ideas Cartel. Work together in a shared space with like minded creatives.

Event Hire One

Schuyler very quickly teamed up with Nina van Deventer from NVD Property & Project Management. Schuyler and Nina have formed a very close partnership with regards to hosting premium events at the Ideas Cartel Auditorium and Rooftop, both spaces available for external venue hire.

The 98 seater Auditorium has made a name for itself by hosting more than a hands full of premium events namely, movie screenings, corporate workshops and presentations. The guys from Short & Sweet made it their home for a short while and many a night has been spent there enjoying a film, a talk or a presentation from an industry leader.


Cartel Bar forms part of a very elite and bespoke group of companies linked to and born from the luxurious Ideas Cartel brand. Schuyler & Nina saw more potential to the rooftop than just hosting events, they made the decision to team up with James Gilmour and Charl Cronje, this is how Cartel Rooftop Bar was born late last year. Cartel Bar has made an individual name for itself by hosting weekly, almost daily social events for the Ideas Cartel members and also to the public. Trust me, it’s where MyCityByNight & the Made team spend almost every Friday drinking G & T’s until it’s time to call an Uber home.

Wedding Venue

Cartel Bar is available for event hire and also the well know, after work drinks on a Friday Afternoon. The well KNOWN Gin O’clock has made a steady name for itself being a monthly occurrence that has taken place over the summer months, Wine Wednesdays will become more popular over the winter months. Cartel Bar has also started serving food whether you want a breakfast or a lunch, brunch on Saturdays will also launch within the next couple of weeks.


Feel free to pop in for a coffee or a drink, give the team a shout if you’d like to book a table. And I’d suggest you book, because things tend to get a little crazy most night’s up there. For those who were at my birthday, will know all about it.

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