The Human Element | Nica Iliuchin


The Human

Nica to those close to her… Beloved by the world she travels. The first person to feature on “The Human Element”, the inspiration behind the series.

Determined and unique in her touch, she is the living embodiment of panache and finds a way to light up the room…

Her character is built on traditional family values and her journey leading her back home. We had the grace of exchanging a few words and this is what came about…

The Element

MCBN | Let’s step away from Reality Test and Iliuchina for a bit. Describe Veronica, who is she today?

Nica: Veronica is a regular girl who is trying to find herself like any other person but through music. My biggest passion is to sit in my studio.

Nica: I don’t talk much, at least not about my feelings. I’m actually a pretty shy person and scared of talking to other people. I do try my best to not show it as it part of my everyday life. For me, to be able to talk with my music is the best feeling.

MCBN | Do you feel like you’d find yourself somewhere else apart from behind the music? Like where do your other passions lie?

Nica: I love cooking. I can plan for 2 days a meal I will cook for myself or my family. One of my biggest dreams is to open my own restaurant.

Nica: I can spend days reading a good book to learn something new. I love aeroplanes, which works out good because my Jon’s lets me fly a lot. I can read and watch documentaries about planes all day long.

MCBN | What is family to you? How do you make sure to fit the family in, into your daily life?

Nica: I lived 6 years in Berlin, far from all my family and realized after that no matter how much you surrounded by people, you still alone without your family around.

Nica: 2 years ago my baby sister was born, Liv. I was struggling in Berlin to be far from her, so I decided to move and relocated back to Israel (living 15 min walk from my family). Today family time is the top priority for me. I’m with them almost every day that I’m in town. It’s priceless. I missed it a lot over the last years. And just can’t have enough now.

MCBN | Inspiration is organic and isn’t based on occupation. How are you inspired? What would be your advice to anyone?

Nica: Inspiration comes from everything. It can be a sound you heard in a movie, street or just the feeling you woke up within the morning.

Nica: My biggest advice is to get inspired by what happens to you in your life, not others. I mean, to try and reflect yourself in your music and not to try reflect what the crowd want to hear.

MCBN | What is the goal? Where would you like life to take you?

Nica: My goal is to do my best in this short time we have on earth and be happy! If music, one day, won’t make me happy anymore I will quit! For now, it’s not even close… (but just saying haha)…

Nica: The worst, for me, is to be on my last days and regret something. I learned to just do what I want to do. You won’t believe how it will change your life.

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