The Honeytrap- A speed camera that gives you $

I’m sure that you hate stupid speed cameras just as much as us over here at MyCityByNight… You’re cruising around and then BAM- huge flash that scares the crap out of you and then the knowledge that you’re about to become a whole lot poorer at the benefit of your local traffic department.

The dreaded speed camera has long since been a rather lucrative form of visual speed enforcement but now an entrant in the Volkswagen Fun Theory campaign has come up with a novel method of speed enforcement: A traffic camera that rewards you for sticking to the speed limit.

This is how it works…


The speed camera shows your current speed and whether you were exceeding the limit. Afterwards your licence plate is entered into a lottery and one rather responsible driver is rewarded with a cash prize.

According to the peeps at Volkswagen, the lottery camera in Stockholm reduced the average speed of traffic by 7km/h.

I’m sure it’d work here but would never be implemented because our traffic cops are far too greedy. GITS!

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