The Hipster Diaries

I work just around the corner from Kloof Street in Cape Town, which is the unofficial Hipster capital of the World, just like an artist unofficially made a work featuring what seemed to be President Jacob Zuma with his wanger out- as poorly re-illustrated by Stroobz below:

When I’ve popped out to grab some lunch from the local grocery store during the week, I get the mandatory dose of hipsters who are doing their best to be individual, cool and not care about anything that mainstream culture holds dear, while maintaining their 2% body fat. This got me thinking about what they were thinking… Here is a moleskin diary entry from a Cape Town Hipster by the name of Oscar Jakobstein.

Monday the 21st of May 2012.

I woke up this morning feeling sad. I know that I’m not supposed to like mainstream culture but there’s one thing that I’m really struggling with giving up. There’s this website. And it’s not even anything to do with photos of other hipsters like me in angular rooms. It’s about stuff. Like media and parties and jiggy videos. My friends would never talk to me if they ever found out I went on MyCityByNight (I’d better delete my browser history).

Thankfully the sad feeling inside passed as soon as I met up with Daisy and the gang for some croquet down in the park- it was so swell to be with the gang that I forgot all about my afternoon meeting with Johan (dad). Johan still doesn’t understand why I’ve cut the necks off all of my old t-shirts and spend so much money on new shoes that he thinks already look old- I really don’t know when he’s going to get me.

I went down to DVD Nouveau and spent around an hour looking for a movie that clearly had not been seen by a whole lot of people (judged by the dust on the cover), so that I could watch it this evening. Man I hope no one has seen Dance with Jane– I really want to enlighten those midtowners with some quotes tomorrow.

Wow. What an eventful day. Now it’s time to plan my outfit for tomorrow- I’m so happy that vintage clothing store had a 7-10 child size band t-shirt for me, now I just have to find my worn in boots (need to remember not to lace them this time, I forgot today and tied them all the way to the top like all those normal squares do). I’ve also been thinking that my cassette player is a bit too mainstream for the gang and have decided to change things up now that Lana Del Rey is being played on MTV. Hmm, what should I do next to really stick to that system of sheep?

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