The hilarious one-minute tale of a “survivalist”

“When the siren rings in the distance, a family has to get inside the shelter... Nothing will ever be the same again”

There’s nothing like a little crisis to bring out someone’s true colours, intentions and measure of loyalty, just as seen in this smartly scripted and humorous one minute flick created for the Film Riot and Filmstro one minute short film challenge – written by Robert J. Lee and directed by Gasper Palacio.

Here’s the shortest and funniest comedy film you’ll see all year.

Film Credits:

Eric Barbier
Jade Barlatier
Éla Barbier

Director/Editor – Gaspar Palacio
Writer – Robert J. Lee
Sound – Oriane Palacio

The group:
Antoine Murat, Corentin Murat, Marco Murat, Brigitte Jensen, Véro Riera, Lionel Sanchez, Armand Charlot, Philippe Chausson, Sonia Charlot, Ève Charlot, Clara Sanchez, Donatien Charlot, Léna Charlot, Oriane Palacio

Special thanks:
Mehdi Bennaceur, Oriane Palacio, Martin Sogno, Benjamin Ziziemsky

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