The Hiive

Earlier this week, Antonio from The Hiive dropped me a message with a little bit of info about what he and his team of developers have been working on for the past year. The Hiive is a brand new Blackberry app that provides you direct access to an online nightlife centered community by the same name.

Essentially it is a very slick looking digital community based on user generated content focused on nightlife. What this means in plain English is that Clubs, Promoters and partygoers will be able to upload content that makes your city and evenings a little bit easier to navigate. Club owners and promoters will be able to list their upcoming events and you as the app user will be able to use search filters to sort all of the events happening near you that suit your music and entertainment tastes right from your Blackberry. This also means that you will be able to upload photos of the party that you’re at, while you’re still out- helping others make up their minds about whether to come through to join the 5 people on the dancefloor at that party you’re at, or instead hit the one that’s getting more positive feedback in the Hiive.

The website and Blackberry Mobile App allows users to:

• See what’s going on in their city, or in other cities around South Africa

• Filter through events based on your own personal preferences

• Get information about venues in and around their city

• Get all the necessary info about an event that you may be interested in

• View maps on the location of an event or venue

• Post, or view comments made by other Hiive users whilst at the event

• Upload, or view photos uploaded by other Hiive users whilst at the event

• Share all your Hiive comments or photos on your Facebook or Twitter account

• See how many Hiive users are attending an event

I’ve been playing around with the app a little bit over the past few days and have noticed a couple of things-

I’ve got a Blackberry Bold 9900 Touch and when switching between searching normal events and going through club listings and cycling the load time is a little bit longer than I would like, even with the new OS installed. The app also unfortunately doesn’t support touch functionality and navigation but at least from what I could tell the battery drain wasn’t too bad at all. Once you’re in the app it’s fairly easy to navigate with looks and functionality that share many similarities with Ubersocial for BB. The list of venues and clubs is fairly extensive given that the platform is brand new. I see the whole community and app becoming somewhat of a really advanced yellow pages with user uploaded commentary and tips that make it an interactive environment. It’s mighty useful for finding contact details for venues along with a brief description of what they offer.

It’s going to be fairly interesting to see whether enough people start submitting content and sharing their experience to make the app and platform a digital community with a big stake in the South African market.

You can find out more and download the Blackberry App over HERE.

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