The Heaven Sent 25 000 Foot Skydive With No Parachute Is Pure Madness

heaven sent skkydive

A skydiver with over 16 00 jumps to his name called Luke Atkins has come up with a totally bonkers skydive idea that he hopes to execute in the upcoming weeks. It’s called the Heaven Sent skydive and it involves Luke falling to the Earth from 25 00 feet up in the sky with no parachute, hoping to land in a special net instead of the ground.

This particular skydive really does seem like it’s an incredibly easy way to peg and will with no doubt be quite the spectacle to watch – if you can handle the sort of stress that comes along with the fact that you might be tuned into a live feed of someone killing themselves by jumping from 25 00 feet dressed like a squirrel.

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