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The Haze Club
Putin's Punch

We’re excited to be back this week with another update on the progress of our plant being cared for at The Haze Club. The Haze Club operates as a “niche cannabis-specific garden service” that offers busy professionals, like ourselves, the opportunity to grow the highest quality cannabis legally and without any time or effort.

While it’s legal to grow and smoke weed in private, it remains a crime to sell and purchase it. But thanks to a loophole, this innovative Cape Town start-up managed to find a way to legally grow and deliver premium-grade cannabis straight to your door.

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The club oversees the entire process from germination/cloning right through to curing and delivering. Once you’ve signed up (and signed a lease for space to grow your plant) you’ll be able to choose from 20+ strains through their awesome Mother Programme or even provide a feminized seed.

We opted to make use of The Haze Club’s Mother Programme and chose to grow the popular Puntin’s Punch strain. According to our update from the club, our green-baby is simply flourishing! It’s been four weeks since she flipped and after finishing her stretch, she has tripled in size.

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“The first few weeks of flowering are characterized by a rapid growth spurt. Thereafter, the plant starts to pack on the pounds and put all her energy into her flowers, fattening up her buds.

In the coming weeks, the little flowers will start to link up into large colas, increasing in density. It is also in this stage that her aromas start coming through.” – The Haze Club

Take a look at our healthy plant below and stay tuned for the next update! Be sure to visit The Haze Club’s website for more information and to sign up for your first premium grow.

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The Haze Club
Putin’s Punch

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