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While it’s legal to grow and smoke your own weed in private, it still remains a crime to sell and purchase it. But thanks to a tiny loophole, an innovative Cape Town start-up has managed to find a way to legally grow, and deliver premium-grade cannabis straight to your door.

Growing your own herb is truly a rewarding experience and it’s likely something I’ll do for the rest of my life. But it’s not always perfect and if you’re growing indoors, it can be a demanding hobby. So when I discovered The Haze Club – a service which grows, cures and delivers your very own cannabis plant, I signed up immediately. I opted for their mother programme (where I choose a strain to be cloned instead of providing a seed) and thought that would be it – I would see my weed in 3 months.

But the service and customer experience extend beyond a simple transaction – The Haze Club and their team of expert cannabis cultivators provide you with regular updates on your baby so you can see how she’s flourishing.

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I found that to be a neat touch to the service they were providing. As someone who has cultivated their own cannabis, I know how important each stage is and how an “unloved” plant will produce some pretty loveless buds. But, with The Haze Club, you’ll receive a personalised update with images and some detail on the status quo of your green baby – validating that you’ve spent good money and on a great service.

“Your clone/seed has rooted successfully and was moved into our vegetative grow room at the end of last week,” read my first THC update.”It has been planted out into a hydroponic pot where it will live out the rest of its days, under the care of our meticulous growers.”

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THC’s vegetative grow room is essentially a nursery for your little seedling, a dedicated indoor space where infant plants are allowed to grow toward maturity, reaching a specific size or mature state before being moved to a room where flowering will occur.

According to the first update I recieved, the exact amount of time a plant remains in the vegetative grow room will depend on the strain of the plant being grown. Once it’s is ready to flower The Haze Club will notify you. This should be roughly within the next two weeks from your first update.

The second update The Haze Club sent gave me more insight into my plant’s vegetative period and she is almost ready to flower. Once again, depending on the strain, THC will generally veg your plant for around 3 weeks – the first week in the clone room with high humidity, and the final weeks in the veg room with 24hr light cycle at 24C and with 70% relative humidity. This enables your plant to develop strong and healthy roots which are essential when flowering kicks in and the plants nutrient requirements skyrocket.

“Your clone now has an extra few nodes of growth and is the right size to begin the mighty stretch that happens in the first few weeks of flowering,” read the second update sent to me.

“You may also notice a few blue patches on your young plant’s leaves. This is an organic fungicide (copper soap) which gets sprayed on all young plants just before they move into flower.” They also explain that my plant would also have had a neem oil dip post cloning to eliminate any pesky insects that might have infiltrated the grow.

This is all part of THC’s organic IPM (integrated pest management) program to ensure my plant remains free from bugs and disease without the use of harmful chemicals.

I’m told my baby will be moving into the flower room within the next few days where all the glorious “baking” will begin.

If quality bud and convenience is your thing – and caring for plants is not – then The Haze Club’s premium cannabis growing service is exactly what you need.

Find out more about The Haze Club and how they are legally able to operate, right here.

Join The Haze Club today at and follow them on Instagram and Facebook for updates and news.

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