The Godfather


On Monday I got invited to my older brother Sean’s house for a little dinner, as he wanted to talk “business” but that was only half of it…

After arriving, Abbey and I were introduced to Zoe and then got shown around his newly built World Cup Soccer room, which he worked pretty hard on finishing by the looks of things and dedicated his time so that this World Cup can be watched in style. I think he just wanted to have a rad bar to be able to drink at. He likes to call it his Barrage, a mix between a bar and a garage. Classic! After a couple of drinks, his lovely wife Pippa walked in and told him to tell me the news. To be honest, I was a little confused, but was more then happy to hear it. Sean told me I was going to be the Godfather of little Anna Bailey Stack, who is almost one year old on the 6th of July. I was absolutely blown away by this and more then happy to be little Anna’s Godfather!


I dont know who she looks more like, mom or dad but all I can tell you is she is one gorgeous little baby. Atleast I know I wont be fetching her from any late night parties any time soon… but her time will come soon, she is a Stack after all.

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