The Ginger’s Thrashing Of The Poms

Specially for you Kreg 😀

Now even as a British passport holder, I still had all my shouting behind Ireland (as I am not exactly a England cricket team supporter, unless they playing the Aussies in the Ashes).
We always like the underdogs to win, but more importantly, we love seeing the Lessor Spotted Ginger’s do it because they go a little more mental than most!

So just in case you didn’t see the rarity of a Ginger century, here it is in all it’s Gingerness… After all, we have a Ginger in the form of Kreg 😉

Ireland made history by winning the match against England. Match played in Chinanswami stadium, Bangalore where England won the toss and elected to bat 1st.
Ireland cricket team played well in this match start was not good but they came later. Fabulous players in Ireland side they worked hard to reach their 1st 111 runs with the loss of 5 wickets but Ire land player Kevin O’Brien came with a strong side and score century in just 50 deliveries. His century in just 50 balls is highest in World Cup history.
162 runs partnership between AR Cusack & Kevin O’Brien had broken the backbone of England innings. At some time Ire land will win
Ire Land 300 runs came in 45.5 overs. Kevin O’Brien 113 runs in 63 balls contribution took Ire land towards the history. He was the Man Of The Match.
What a terrific player he was 100 fron 50 balls.
at the end Ire won by 3 wicket.

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