The Ghostrider Returns With Another Epic Video

The Ghostrider Returns With Another Epic Video Of Some Super Fast Street Bike Racing


There’s a guy (we’re assuming) that refers to himself as the Ghostrider who blitzes across highways on his bike, clocking some insane speeds, while filming everything for our enjoyment. He’s back with a brand new video after going quiet for a couple of months and we can confirm that he hasn’t lost any of his sheer craziness.

He gets up to speeds of around 300km/h on some deserted highway, which seems like it could be in Europe. We have to warn you, this is really crazy to watch and you’ll probably find yourself wincing as he weaves across the asphalt.

I mean it’s already hard enough to stay alive on a bike and then you’ve got dudes like this cooking it at 300km/h plus.

Pure madness, I tell you. Let’s hope this guy never comes short (or crashes into someone else innocently going about their daily business).

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