The Fresh Prince intro recreated in GTA V is awesome

Fresh Prince GTAV

Recreating movie scenes or even making your own in GTA V is all the rage these days and now we’ve got one more example to add to the already burgeoning list. This particular remake is one that will get fans of the Fresh Prince and TV games (which is basically every boy ever) smiling at how good it actually is.

This recreation was put together by a YouTuber called Merfish and is a replica of the iconic Fresh Prince Of Bel Air tv series title sequence in the world of Grand Theft Auto, which means it’s going to be slightly less PG than what you remember. The Fresh Prince doesn’t only use his incredible wit to get out of a hairy situation on the basketball courts (where he’s attacked by an axe), but also wields a shotgun to exact some revenge on the smelly cab driver.

Really good effort! Maybe it’s time for a Fresh Price reboot?

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