The Flying Project: An experimental breakthrough, a step into the future

Of late there has been a massive shift in the use of viral video in the marketing of concepts or products. This is a fairly prime example of the case in point. The MyCityByNight came across this little video while searching the depths of the internet for “that pic” of Kreg and Noeleen nama-s (im not going to try) in the hope that we could delete it forever and we were instantly intrugued.

In a similar way to the peeps over at WhatIsCapeTownMissing. The first teaser video didnt really reveal anything more than the mixing of chemicals and shots of random things, leading me to think- wow why would they be advertising a meth lab on the internet?! Unless you were a huge fan of the brand you would never have caught what it was about.






Just yesterday they uploaded the next in the video series revealing that the whole experiment centred around a pair of Feiyue shoes that have some sort of anti-gravity properties. Its freaking awesome- all I ever wanted while growing up was anti-gravity shoes and now I think that the wait is finally over. I cant wait to see how it all ends up after the video series is done and the whole concept has been revealed.

Feiyue had this to say about the Flying Project on their site:

The Feiyue Flying Project is the eclectic combination of an avant-garde sneaker and two overzealous science geniuses brings about a groundbreaking advance in antigravitation – a step into the future. Stay tuned as this discovery unfolds on December 16th 2010.

Yay!!! Cant wait to see if I get some anti gravity sneakers!!!

The second video-


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