The first licenses for cultivating medical marijuana in South Africa have been granted


Cover Image | Eugenio Cuppone from Pixabay

This week, another step towards overall legalisation in terms of sale and distribution of cannabis in South Africa was taken. The first licences for cultivating medicinal marijuana were granted to the first batch of local companies by The South African Health Products Regulatory Authority.

While it’s not clear how many licences were awarded in total, this next step in legalising cannabis will allow the country to compete in a global industry which is predicted to be worth over $50 billion in the next decade.

Co-founder of House of Hemp, Dr Thandeka Kunene, who has been awarded one of the licences, speaks to Moneyweb about the exciting progress and regulations for the industry in SA. Listen to what Dr Kunene had to say below. Read more about the latest Cannabis news right here.

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