The final Nightshow at District a week away, what’s next to come?

Where to next?

All words: Lu Makoboka

As a university student here in Cape Town, it’s difficult to walk around campus without hearing or even over hearing “So are you coming this weekend?” in a conversation. If your reply is something similar to “What are you talking about?” that marks the beginning of you looking like an absolute tool among your youthful peers. Well, I’m talking about Nightshow and I’m sure this happens to somebody in the days prior the event.

In a short time frame Nighshow has grown beyond just an event thanks to Patrick Visser, Joni Blud and the associated DJ’s, but also a brand in the city that represents a particular subculture of youths. That is something I have just believed for a long time. It was the moment I saw a fellow student wearing Nightshow apparel I realized how real my opinion was. As a Hip Hop party this all started at Waiting Room in Long Street. “It’s too crowded”, “Damn it’s hot here!”, “The people are too ‘turnt’”… Those are some of the complaints many threw around during the Nightshow’s spell at Waiting Room, nevertheless people still flocked like migrating birds for the event. One could argue it is the music that makes the Nightshow a magnet to the youth, the fact that it isn’t all commercial hip hop but also what the youth is actually listening to thanks to widened internet access. But the answer to this can be found within the overall experience of this emotionally polarizing spectacle.   

Moving to District literally meant an amplified version of what one could experience at Waiting Room, especially because it became so popular that 2hr long lines began to form. Yes, I’ve been in one of them and was so shocked. District also took care of the complaints many people had, providing a spacious environment with designated air conditioning. The spaciousness also enables pockets of mosh pits to occur, and that is the primary reason why some attend Nightshow as there is literally no other event in the city that encourages this. A platform is also provided for local rappers and producers to show case their talents, serving as breeding ground for emerging artists to network with one another by virtue of different like-minded creatives located in the same space.

Looking back this is still quite a young brand and is set to escalate, regardless of what happens next for a long time District will be seen as the home for Nighshow since a bouquet of memories lie beyond those black gates. The last installment at District is on Saturday, 30th of June and tickets can only be purchased online. The prices do vary according to the phases.

Good bye District.    

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