The Final Curtain for Guitar Hero

Guitar Hero definitely beats sitting in my room jamming on an air guitar, or playing the drums with my pen on the dashboard, but alas, Activision has just announced that they are no longer going to be manufacturing ‘Guitar Hero’!

Last year, Neversoft’s Brian Bright, told ONM, that the Guitar Hero had ‘lost its soul’.

Now that just blows! But I guess if your product is no longer bringing in the coin, then it’s best to cut your losses and move to the next big thing.

Where there’s no profit, there’s no question about time being wasted.

Sadly this has also meant some staff cuts for the company, seeing that they were also stringing DJ-Hero along.

For those of you still trying to collect some titles for the equipment you’ve already got, go check which versions of the game are still out there.

If the trend is true – and DON’T hold me to this – the Software should drop significantly in pricing to move the last of the stock, or lets hope so anyway, because I don’t have mine yet!!!

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