The Evolution Of Douchebag Style (VIDEO)

The Evolution Of Douchebag Style (VIDEO)

One thing that we are 100% convinced about is the fact that douchebags have been around throughout our history as human beings. They’re a mix of idiot and over confident, making all normal men throughout the world field incredibly bad about having that extra Y chromosome.

As years have gone by, the characteristics and fashion style associated with the douchebag have changed quite a bit and in the video below we get to see how much (or little) this has changed. Each decade had it’s own unique characteristics and style, making it fairly easy to spot a d-bag far before you actually needed to speak to one, saving you literally hours of unnecessary irritation.

Sit back, watch the video below and take in just how much douchebag style has evolved over the past 70  years:

Wow, that was pretty spot on to be honest.

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