The End of Mini K, But the Rise of Mizer/RiotSquad!


Mini K moved to Cape Town over a year ago and has been jamming out and spinning at a pretty much all the venues around Cape Town. He has produced a number of tracks and remixed just as many including the SICK “Mini K’s Double Drop remix” of Pascal and Pearce’s – Disko Biskit (still one of my favourite tracks/remixes to date) which made it to number 5 on the electro charts on Beatport. It seems though that the alias we all know as Mini K has come to an end and is looking into the future of DJing and Production under two new alias: Mizer and Riot Squad. Under these two new names, he’ll be doing tech house under the name Mizer & jacking/tech/fidget under RiotSqaud which is a duo with Mini K  & RedSqaud from New Zealand. I reckon you will be seeing those name’s quite a lot in and around Cape Town in the next few months as he is looking to change his sound a bit and start producing some fresh new beats. So as a thank you to all his fan’s he has gone and done one last final mix as Mini K for everyone to download and enjoy:

Mini K – The End of it All Final Mix

He has also gone and left everyone one of his older but his favourite remix which you can download. He remixed John Tejada’s – End of it All. So here it is, download, take a listen and enjoy it and be sure to keep your eyes out, like I said, for Mizer and Riotsquad. I just love that name, Riotsquad… Can only mean DISCO DAMAGE!

John Tedaja – End of it all (Mini K remix)

Enjoy guys

Remember: Wednesday is the new Friday

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  1. Endings bring new beginnings! Cannot wait to hear what Mizer and RiotSquad have in store for us!
    Will RiotSquad be producing too?

  2. @Sershni(EQ): I got a little taste of what Mizer is going to sound like and fook me, its hot! I got no doubt about Riotsquad producing, but I will get hold of Mike and get him to answer your question!

  3. @Sershni(EQ): I just spoke to Mike and he said they (Mike and Redsquad from New Zealand) will be producing Jackin/Tech/Fidget under the alias Riotsquad

  4. This is wonderful news. Will def be watching out for them! I would love to do a feature for both RiotSquad and Mizer for my music newsletter…will be in contact.
    And thank you Kreg for answering my question. Much appreciated 🙂

  5. No worries Sershni(EQ), anytime brother!

    If you ever need us for anything, hit the contact us button at the top or drop a comment!


  6. Oh my goodness…absolutely LOVE Mini K's remix of John Tejada. True to the epic-ness of the track with a glorious twist! Too cool…made my morning! Thank u thank u thank u 🙂

    Will def be in contact – u guys rock!

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