DOPE Drinks Launches Corner Store During Lock Down

IMPORTANT UPDATE: The DOPE Corner Store CPT is offering FREE DELIVERY via Uber Eats all week long. (shop at link in bio or search DOPE Corner Store on Uber Eats)

April 20th otherwise known as 4/20 saw the DOPE Drinks team launch their first Corner Store in Cape Town. Now you might ask yourself: “Who in their right minds would launch a store during a global lockdown?” Well, the answer is an innovative entrepreneurial duo: Johannes Le Roux – Drinks Founder and Andrew Davenport – Creative Director.

The DOPE Corner Store is what is known as a ‘dark store’, most commonly utilised in the restaurant and sometimes grocer trade but never by a drinks brand.

“Brands need to innovate to stay ahead of the curve. With the DOPE Corner Store concept we have turned our product offering into an instant gratification service by streamlining the shopping experience. From seeing an ad on social media to DOPE Drinks being delivered to where you are within 20 minutes from ordering.” Johannes Le Roux – Co-founder.

The idea to go dark was born out of necessity as the newly launched company had focused all its energy on stocking venues, grocery and liquor stores, only to be met by stringent lockdown laws, severely affecting sales. Luckily DOPE Drinks are no strangers to direct to consumer trading, having launched in November with their controversial “TEXT YOUR DEALER” billboard campaign.

The team decided not to waste a good crisis and launched an idea they had been brewing on for a while: “DOPE ON DEMAND.” in conjunction with Partners In Crime – a local design agency, set out to create the feel and hype of a concept store launch, combined with the look and appeal of your local corner store. Allowing consumers everything they love about a real world shopping experience, online. All skinned in a beautifully rendered shop-front that boasts DOPE ON DEMAND within 20 mins of ordering via the Uber Eats app. The team is very excited to launch the various collabs and merchandise offerings planned for post-lockdown, so be sure to keep an eye on their social media channels.

“The launch of our first DOPE Corner Store is more than an answer to an immediate problem for us. It’s going to shape the future of our company and how we interact with our consumers on a global scale.” Andrew Davenport – Co-Founder.

Keep an eye on their Instagram for updates from their DOPE Corner Store!



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