The Design Indaba shares its magic with Johannesburg this month.

The globally renowned conference that celebrates innovators and their outstanding innovations, the annual Design Indaba takes place again this month at its signature venue in Cape Town. The brand – which is synonymous with the upliftment of the global creative community – goes beyond design to create a multi-sensory experience in which you can hear, see, learn and interact with the future of creative thinking and design activism.

Last year we saw the brand evolve and expand its reach in the Mother City with its very first after hour’s music and arts festival, Nightscape held at the Artscape Piazza which will take place again this month.

The evolution hasn’t stopped there, however, spreading the magic afar this year the organisers have decided to even further their reach by extending their exclusive annual experience to Johannesburg – in real time via simulcast.

This February Johannesburg will get a special taste of the creative conference with a mini-festival hosted at LISOF – Leaders in the Science of Fashion. The event will host a stand-alone seminar by celebrated trends guru Li Edelkoort, a live simulcast of the world-renowned Design Indaba conference from 21-23 February 2018, an exhibition of work by Emerging Creatives Class of 2018 Johannesburg, all presented in a stimulating and immersive space envisioned and created by LISOF.

Festival-goers can expect enchanting installations and student exhibitions, including a student fashion show and an “Art Theatre” studio where guests can experience production techniques in action (such as 3D and screen printing). LISOF will be transformed into a space that embodies the ethos of Design Indaba with series of spaces, each one designed to showcase a different material or design process while also hosting the Design Indaba itself – in real time.

This will be the experience of the year for working creatives and enthusiasts based in Jozi – expand your knowledge and get inspired this month. For more information join the event visit the Design Indaba website and Facebook fan-page or simply secure your ticket right here:

Design Indaba 2018 Simulcast Tickets

Tickets for Li Edelkoort Sold Separately

Twitter – @designindaba  –  Instagram – @designindaba

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