The Design Indaba Music Circuit 2014 unveils local talent takeovers at curated venues around the city

design indaba music circuit

In recent years the Design Indaba has become home to a series of world-class music events that aim to showcase the immense local talent we have on offer here in South Africa, within a creative setting. We are proud to announced that in 2014, MyCityByNight has been teamed up with the Design Indaba Music Circuit in order to shine a spotlight on the audio adventure that has been set up for all music lovers as part of this year’s creative showcase.

The Design Indaba Music Circuit 2014 is a multi-venue curatorship of the sounds of South Africa, with each venue serving up a very unique style of music, entertainment and atmosphere to be enjoyed by all in the World Design Capital for this year. Each event forming part of the circuit is being held in association with a different media company or creative agency, each of whom will leverage their own networks and creative juices to ensure packed venues that will appeal to both the local and International creative scenes.

The Design Indaba Music Circuit, sponsored by Converse, has been crafted using the very same model utilised by the South by Southwest (SXSW) Conferences and Festival, held annually in Texas in the US, which sees massive acts showcasing their work to a VERY receptive audience. We’re expecting this year’s events to bring the Mother City an experience that we’ve never-before-seen executed in a South African landscape. They’re very unique venues with equally unique sounds… what more do you need?

The venues include: The Assembly, Orphanage Cocktail Emporium and more, while some of the artist to look out for include the likes of Bruno Morphet, Jacobsnake, Card on Spokes and more. Keep an eye out for our full update around the venues and artists and a chance to win some tickets to these events.

For more info – head on over to the website if you want more detail.



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