The Crossing Is a Gripping New Series Exploring the Current Refugee Crisis

Released just last month is ABCs haunting new series titled The Crossing. The enthralling show, (which can be watched exclusively on Shomax right now for free) stars Hollywood favourites Steve Zahn and Natalie Martinez as well as a mega host of amazing new-comers.

The story follows the residents of a small fishing town and refugees who are seeking asylum there form a war-torn country, however, the residents soon learn the country they are trying to escape from is America and the actual war hasn’t even happened yet.

The enigmatic plot is captivating and so relevant to the global humanitarian crisis with themes that dabble in war, the refugee crisis, genetic manipulation, the power of science/research but above all it deals with the responsibility that comes with power and privilege.

Beyond the hidden commentary of the film, it’s a captivating thriller diving into the past and future that will leave on the edge of your seat. Check out the trailer below and watch it exclusively on Shomax right here.


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