The Clear-Claw machine debuted at Oppikoppi & it’s awesome

CLEAR Claw machine

Yet another Oppikoppi is behind us and along with some amazing musical firsts we also got to see one or two bits of emerging digital tech debut at the festival in our country’s North. CLEAR Shampoo launched the Claw Machine at this year’s festival in Northam in a bid to garner some likes for their Facebook page and create a bit of brand loyalty amongst the rather dusty party-goers of the Oppikoppi festival last weekend.

Players could control the CLEAR Claw using hand gestures that are recognised by an Xbox Kinect-style sensor instead of having to manually operate the joystick like you would on a traditional claw machine. The reconditioned machine used “Facebook credits” to operate, rather than the traditional coin slot – to add a credit, players simply had to Like the CLEAR SOUTH AFRICA Facebook page on their mobile phones. You could win a bunch of things including beer vouchers and of course some CLEAR shampoo, which was pretty useful when you considered that the machine was placed near the festival shower areas.

A nice bit of radvertising from SA yet again… I hope we start seeing way more work in this field in the near future – we’re bright enough to come up with some amazing stuff down here!


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