The Carling Black Label Cup 2012

Over the years Carling Black Label has been expanding its reach across traditional South African divides and now is reaching out to South African football fans in a big way. The 2012 Carling Black Label Cup is a contest, controlled in part by the guys and girls that sluk down Black Labels and love footy. The showpiece encounter is between Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs at Soccer City on the 28th of July and has garnered over 18-million votes since the start of the campaign.

So what is it all about? You basically get to choose the starting lineups of both teams involved as well as making the first substitution in the match. Supporters will be able to vote for the first man off on either side during the opening half of the game, with a maximum of two votes per fan. They do this by dialing the toll free number *130*376# and selecting the team they wish to choose a player to substitute from. They will then be asked to choose the position of the player – Goalkeeper, Defender, Midfielder or Striker – and then the actual person they wish to remove from the game.

The rather special game has to be one of the coolest ideas ever and as a huge football fan, I’m pretty keen to actually play coach along with the rest of South Africa using my phone. In future I’d like the idea to expand to using Twitter hashtags for each player making the event even more global like the Black Label brand. Think about it, the number of times the player hashtag is used in a tweet counting towards whether he is part of the starting line-up… use it, don’t use it…

At the time of publishing all of the R40, R60 and R150 tickets to the game had been sold with only hospitality packages from still available. To add to the day top local artists Chomee, Professor and Big Nuz will doing a couple of their tunes to get the fans in a party mood for the 2012 Carling Black Label Cup on match day!

Gates open at 16:30 and supporters are urged to come early! (Dont ask for anything other than an ice cold Black Label on the day)

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