The Cape Town Stadium’s Electricity Bill

I got this sent to me via an email, so I am not 100% sure how accurate it is, but if it is accurate, then my goodness we spend a lot of money on electricity at the Cape Town Stadium. I was instantly taken back at the amount that I saw, but then again you have to think about the roof lighting, the lighting for the field, all the lights in and around the stadium, the electrical points for the shops etc. It kind of all adds up, but not to this amount?!


R2.8 Million, ummmm…

Isn’t that the same amount the ANC spent on like 2 cars?

If this is true, then thats one steep electricity bill you running there!

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  1. It is absolutely correct Kreg – it was in the paper a couple of days’ ago. They really should not leave the lights on all the time – especially with the present Eskom situation.

  2. Agreed, they definitely shouldn’t leave the lights on all the time from now on. That so much money and I am guessing that its going to double if not trebble (is that the right word) during the world cup! Its almost outrageous!

  3. sorry fuk the eskom situation… besides the fact that most of the power is derived from coal powered stations, this abuse of electricity is so not green. in a time where our grandkids are likely to die from skin cancer or a tidal wave due to the global warming endemic, this is absolutely disgusting. burn the motherfuckers!

  4. Here's the sad thing: FIFA/Govt will foot that bill for the World Cup, but the moment it blows over, they'll have to find alternative sources of revenue.

    It's something like filling the stadium to capacity 5 times a month at R200+/head just to cover the maintenance costs.

    Mark my words – after 2010 is gone, we'll be suffering economically for the next 15-20 years. That is if the ANC doesn't keep pillaging the country. China, arguably the strongest economy in the world, is still suffering. What chance do we have?

    ~ Wogan

  5. That is a scary thought, I proposed moving the Stormers/WP rugby to the stadium during winter and have big local soccer games there, but first of all I dont think the rugby players want to play there (Heritage at Newlands) and would we be able to fill up the stadium every game with local soccer?

    If they do go ahead and try fill up stadiums at around R200 ahead, I think we are in for seriously bad turn outs at the games.

    Wogan, you say: "Mark my words – after 2010 is gone, we’ll be suffering economically for the next 15-20 years. That is if the ANC doesn’t keep pillaging the country. China, arguably the strongest economy in the world, is still suffering. What chance do we have?"

    I don't really want to, I want to have a little faith, but I feel I might just have to take your word and only pray for some MASSIVE turn around in the ANC to ensure we grow as a nation but with the ANC at the helm its not looking to good!

  6. @Kreg The ANC is already doing really badly with meeting basic service delivery requirements. Dunno if you saw the eTv clip where it was announced that the DA-led Western Cape was able to CREATE jobs in the last 12 months while the rest of the country lost them.

    If the WC fallout sinks the economy any further, and the DA keeps managing things right, it won't be forever before a change in government is due. I'm hoping for this too.

    ~ Wogan

  7. From Jan to end April our suburbs street lights where on 24/7.
    I fail to see why we should take eskoms energy crisis seriously at all.
    It’s al about our money, nothing else…

  8. Thanks for dropping by Joanne, you have some awesome pictures on your blog! Its still worries me how much electrity that is, almost 38 million a year! INSANE… Eskon can eff right off if you ask me!

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