The Cape Town Express: Sail the seas in style on 5th March

The Cape Town Express takes the lifestyle of the rich and famous and brings it to us the the normal person at a price that doesnt require us to sell a lung or kidney to be able to afford it. Yup, what good old entertainment entrepreneur Robert has done is capture all the awesomeness that encapsulates a day out on a yacht (drinking, hot girls, hot weather etc) in a neat little package that takes all the strain out of living the high life.

It’s always pretty pimping sailing the high seas and casting your gaze over the absolutely stunning setting of the Cape Coast. Go on, get involved while we’ve still got the weather to be out tanning on a boat (winter is coming one of these days)

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    1. That pirate ship is amazing. Think MyCityByNight needs to organise a day mission on that bad boy, what do you think Carrott?

      1. I say shiver me timbers and bring me my Parrot, Captain Carrot will sail the seven seas with ‘er MCBN crew fuelled with grog and scurvy dogs to swab the decks we can’t go wrong. Yaaarrrrrr 😉
        (Sorry morning tangent :p)

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