The Cape Town Cannabis March


At MyCityByNight we do not support or condemn the legalisation of marijuana in South Africa… aah who are we kidding here, we’d love it if you could light one up without the fear of arrest from the five-o. For this reason along with all of the others related to the medical and resulting economical benefits of the decriminalising and legalising of the magical herb, a couple of activists have organised a March to rally support in Cape Town.

Sadly, the plea of these actvists and all the other stoners in South Africa will fall on deaf ears, but at least by participating the authorities will be able to pick you out in a lineup when you do eventually get arrested on suspicion of drug possession with the intent to get really really baked and eat a whole bag of Doritos.

The Global Cannabis March is something that attracts millions of participants from around the World each year and this year, Cape town is set to see thousands of locals coming out in support of the legalisation of cannabis. The march will be taking place on 09 May 2015, in the week following AfrikaBurn, so there’s a pretty good chance you would have had enough time to come down and find your clothes/need for money/a job/capitalism.

You can find out more deets about the March on the Facebook page over here.

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