The Cannabis Expo 2019 Comes To Grandwest, Cape Town

The Cannabis Expo is the largest trade and consumer expo of its kind on the African continent


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The Cannabis Expo is the global marketplace for education, innovative products, and businesses serving the cannabis industry and its medicinal, agricultural and lifestyle aspects. Now The Cannabis Expo is coming to Cape Town!

The cannabis industry is exploding, and The Cannabis Expo provides the perfect platform for international and local medical health professionals, agricultural providers and lifestyle brands to engage with industry experts around this versatile plant.

The Cannabis Expo is the largest trade and consumer expo of its kind on the African continent and includes an exhibitor hall, networking and entertainment spaces as well as featuring a speakers stage and workshop that hosts local and international experts from across the industry.

Every half-hour throughout The Cannabis Expo, experts in their fields from across the industry will be hosting talks and discussions around cannabis-related topics that cover health, agriculture, legislation, finance and more.




10h00 – 18h00


10h00 – 20h00


10h00 – 20h00


10h00 – 18h00


The Cannabis Expo is hosted at the impressive GrandWest, in Cape Town, South Africa.

A top Sun International casino and entertainment destination, GrandWest attracts thousands of people through its doors every day due to its central and easily-accessible location and its myriad entertainment, dining, hospitality and conferencing offerings.


 Cannabis is big business. With thousands of attendees over four days, The Cannabis Expo is the ideal opportunity to engage with fellow professionals and business leaders as well as members of the public interested in the fast-growing cannabis industry.

The last few years have seen a massive increase in the number of businesses and medical professionals in South Africa getting involved with cannabis-related products. With attitudes and legislation changing globally around this versatile plant, cannabis is said to be one of the most exciting industries to be in!

Exhibitor stands and Convention Stage slots are limited, so contact us today to secure your participation in The Cannabis Expo. Reserve your space now at The Cannabis Expo in Cape Town, Durban and Pretoria in 2019.



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  1. Hi. This is going to be an awesome experience. I would like to know can I make a group booking? And what would be the costs?

    1. Tickets will go live next week – we’ll send the link as soon as it’s available – otherwise contact the PR and Media personnel at the bottom of the article

              1. It says online tickets R200 and not R150 as you mentioned?
                Are under 18s allowed and are there varied prices or perhapa free entry for supervised children under a certain age?

                1. Apologies. We were told they were R200 at the door as it was R150 online. Perhaps that was the early bird prices, so apologies!

    2. Hi there, are there still tickets available for coming thursday.

  2. Hi I would like to secure two slots for the exhibitor stands for Saturday 06 April 2019 @ GrandWest. Please advise.

  3. Please advise when tickets sales opens – def need to make a group booking for the cannabis expo

    1. Tickets will be live next week, we’ll update our post as soon as we get the ticket link!

  4. good day how much is the tickets to attend the expo? and is it a whole day expo or can you pop in anytime?

    1. Not inside Grandwest you’re not. haha
      There might be some cheeky smoking outside the bank!

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